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A Kindred Blog

December 01, 2016

A Kindred Blog

It's a crisp December evening and I'm sitting at my desk even though the shop closed 40 minutes ago. The market lights are still softly glowing and my favorite Spotify Christmas playlist "Christmas Jazz & Joy" is still singing in the background, and this quiet winter night has unexpectedly presented itself as the perfect moment for my first blog post. When I came in to work this morning I didn't plan to finally start the Kindred Blog that so many people have been encouraging me to begin, yet here I am, reflecting on the next days and weeks ahead and looking back on 2016. I'm full of gratitude and anxious with anticipation; 2016 has been a year of tremendous growth and an exercise in patience, and 2017 is already promising to be another busy year. In 2016 we moved to Rochester to expand our home fragrance studio, my husband took a big leap in his career, we re-branded the business, established a brick-and-mortar, and the list goes on. With so much behind us it finally feels like the right time to commit to this new blog. Even though this isn't my first foray into blogging, (I tried my hand at it in 2014 - it wasn't the right time), I have renewed faith that this new Kindred Blog, which I'm affectionately calling Kindred Moments, will be a success. I want to share moments behind the scenes at our studio but also glimpses in to my home life as my husband and I undertake the gradual renovation and redesign of our 1955 Colonial. I won't post every day but shoot for once per week (to start). I hope you follow along. I can only hope that this space will be a true reflection of our mission to inspire optimism, gratitude and comfort by sharing our love of all things home. Welcome, we hope to have you back again and again to share in our Kindred Moments!   

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