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Two Ghostly DIY Projects

October 12, 2020

Two Ghostly DIY Projects

Last year Liam was only 3 months *old* around Halloween and I just didn't have the energy to decorate. Like nearly everyone I love fall so I missed out on some of the things I usually enjoy, like decorating with an obscene number of pumpkins on the front stoop. Now that I regularly get a full night's sleep I'm very enthusiastically back in the game. I won't decorate the whole house, but I am giving Liam's room a festive once over. Since I wasn't up to it last year I didn't have much decor to work with so I found some great items and decided to make a few more, like this adorable ghostly garland I saw on Instagram, and two stuffed ghosts I made out of felt and black thread!

Kindred Home Ghostly Garland DIY

I'm not great at taking photos along the way, but these projects were so simple I don't think it's a big deal. Here are the supplies I used. And you can check out my Instagram for a video of exactly how to assemble the ghostly garland!

Ghostly Garland Supplies:

+ White yarn
+ Google eyes
+ Black brads
+ Glue

DIY Ghostly Garland by Kindred Home

Stuffed Ghost Supplies:

+ Two 8.5" x 11" sheets of white felt (per ghost)
+ Black needle point thread
+ Sewing needle
+ Scissors
Stuffed Ghost DIY by Kindred Home
These stuffed ghosts were an unbelievably easy project. I printed the ghost cut out and traced it onto one piece of the black felt. I cut inside the felt so the sharpie outline wouldn't show. Then I threaded a no. 22 needle with the black needle point thread, knotted one end, and started looping the thread along the edge. Once I was all the way around, I stopped sewing and stuffed the ghost with pillow filling (I used an old pillow I had). Once full I continued sewing, and then I was done. Pro tip: best to stuff the ghost from the side, not the bottom. 
Kindred Home Halloween DIY Ghosts
And how cute are they?! I love them, and I love that I made them for Liam! If you make either of these projects, please tag me so I can see your handiwork. Happy DIY'ing, friends!

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