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Liam's 2nd Birthday

August 18, 2021

Liam's 2nd Birthday

Our sweet boy turned 2 last week and I wanted his birthday to be extra special this year. His first birthday was the summer of 2020, which meant that the pandemic prevented us from throwing the party we would have preferred. This year we invited our friends and family to join us in celebrating our little guy. Like many little boys Liam loves the Little Blue Truck books, so we decided to theme his birthday around the series. We invited everyone with these sweet invitations that I found on Etsy.


Kindred Home - Liam's Second Birthday

Once we decided on the theme, everything fell into place and the most serendipitous thing happened...

A few days before we picked the theme, I had purchased a Little Tikes peddle truck off of Facebook Marketplace. Once we started combing Pinterest for ideas my husband found the exact truck I had purchased transformed into a Little Blue Truck. So naturally I had to do this for Liam!

Kindred Home Little Blue Truck

Making the truck was a team effort. We took off all the stickers that came with the truck, then my husband wrapped the wheels and the steering wheel in plastic so they would be protected from the paint. After that I used 2 cans of Rustoleum Deep Blue spray paint and topped it off with a clear coat. For the eyes I used two 5.5" LED touch lights and painted eyes on them. And for the grill I cut out and painted a piece of cardboard. Everything is attached with extra-strength velcro. Then I added the animal balloons, which you can find here, and it came to life! 

Kindred Home Liam's Second Birthday
For the photo booth I turned to Etsy, and bought this, which I had printed on 36" x 48" foam board. It was all just so cute! Celebrating our little guy is so easy, he's such a fun, easy-going little man. Until next year...

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