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IKEA's Chic Budget-Friendly Finds

August 11, 2020

IKEA's Chic Budget-Friendly Finds

It might sound crazy but proximity to IKEA is one of the things I miss most about living in a big city! Not that long ago IKEA had a reputation for being all function, no form - at least that's how I remember it. In the last few years that has seismically shifted and not only is IKEA affordable, they had some really stylish pieces. When we lived in bigger cities IKEA was just down the road, sadly we don't have that luxury in Rochester. Luckily I've recently been able to recruit my sister-in-law to shop for me - she just moved to a city with TWO IKEAS. Between Pinterest and some of my own favorite bloggers (like Danielle Moss who put together this list) there are plenty of IKEA resources out there, but having a new personal IKEA shopper inspired me to create a resource you could find here on Kindred. After cataloging the things in my own home and what's their site I was able to put together a list of my favorite chic, budget-friendly IKEA finds to share with you. I focused on items I have, love, and were in stock online when I put this list together. Happy IKEA shopping, pals!

Photo via Style At Home

Shelving & Storage: Cabinet | Glass Shelf | Chairs: Armchair | Outdoor Chair | Rattan Chair | Textiles: Area rug | Striped Throw Pillow | Blanket

Photo via Apartment Therapy

Tables: Pedestal Table | Side Table | Baskets: Belly Basket | Braided Basket | Lidded Boxes | Decor & Objects: Picture Frame | Black Lantern | Planter | Pouf | Desk Light | Dishes

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