Kindred is a luxury fragrance studio and lifestyle brand nestled along the Great Lakes in Rochester, NY.

I'm Brianna, the Founder + Creative Director. Since starting Kindred (then Sunny & Lo) in 2014, I am often asked how I started this business and the truth is that it happened very organically. The journey began when I left my job in the nonprofit world with a dream to start a socially conscious company of my own. I wanted to create a business that incorporated my love of interior design and allowed me to explore my fascination with the concept of home.

When an opportunity to learn candle making presented itself it didn't take long to discover how much it suited me. Since then my inspirations have been infused in to everything Kindred makes, with an emphasis on the memories that leave an imprint on my heart. I am moved by the desert and captivating landscapes the world-over. I am an unapologetic Francophile, homebody, forever Californian, Joni Mitchell wannabe, clotheshorse, DIY-er, empath, pizza aficionado, the smiles and laughter of the people I love, obsessive I Love Lucy fan, and most importantly on an endless quest to find strength in vulnerability...

Always, with open eyes and heart.