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Brianna Kindred Home
Hi, I'm Brianna. Thanks for stopping by. Created in December 2014 to express my love of home and the things that connect us, Kindred Home has grown into a thriving candle studio.

Kindred started in the kitchen of my San Diego apartment, but the journey began long before. Originally hailing from Western New York, I have lived in Massachusetts (where I met my husband), California, and North Carolina. While candles are still the foundation of our work, the Kindred brand has evolved to incorporate my passion for interior design.

I'm a mom, a wife, and a Francophile at heart. I love to share that my first professional job was teaching French. I love romantic comedies, fresh flowers, and good books! I'm so glad you found Kindred Home. You can keep in touch with me on Instagram, by subscribing to our mailing list, or of course you can email me any time.

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